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Get Back Your Energy, Enthusiasm, and Creativity in Your Work and Life

Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness

With the Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness Self Discovery & Inner Transcendence Program, you can leave your limitations behind and craft your own path to success feeling fully connected, stress-free and with effortless calm.

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I leave every coaching session with Sonja not only enriched and enlivened but with tactile plans of action. She listens deeply and always brings ideas I hadn't yet thought about out of what I've shared, which she then pairs with resources. Working with her, I feel refreshed, guided, and lovingly held to task.

 A. Campbell, CEO, ARC

Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Overlooked

For many of us, our everyday reality feels littered with obstacle landmines. The demands of our careers or business, loved ones and communities can have us feeling drowning in a sea of expectations that never seems to let up - no matter how many degrees we stack up or hours we put in.  

And as we approach the midpoint of our lives and beyond, not only are we not seeing the load lighten but many of us have begun to witness our age and experience used as a weapon against us instead of the true gift that it is.

Our mental and physical health, our relationships, and even our own personal growth is often set aside in pursuit of a mythical success endpoint that increasingly escapes our grasp.

And it is no wonder that this is happening. People thrust into an environment that doesn’t encourage and support a true mind body connection begin to see the life altering effects of chronic stress and burnout.

But there is a way for you to shed this anxiety overload -- even if everything else stays exactly the same.


There's a Clear Path to Reclaiming Your Life

When a situation seems stacked against a person, how they approach the challenge is everything. And as women, no one knows that better than we do. 

After all,
not a dress_edited.jpg
To zero in on your exact pathway to success, you need an approach that:

Gives Back Control

Doesn’t teach you how to “play the game” but instead how to make the game IRRELEVANT


Can be accessed as often as needed, either in acute situations or to maintain your inner focus

Is Concise

Doesn’t add meaningless busywork to an already overloaded To Do List


Demonstrated to work in any environment - no matter what the world throws at you
S Baker pic.png
I am a legal life coach. I believe that everyone, including coaches, needs a coach. Sonja Pemberton is a coach that you can truly feel safe and confident in. She helps you to figure out your truths and what you want for your life

  S. Baker, Attorney

After 30+ years of soul empowered work with hundreds of women around the world, I’ve applied my signature alignment method to the trauma of being a driven woman in a male-dominated world to achieve incredible success for myself and my clients.

With this program you will...

Embark on a journey of self discovery and reveal the hidden layers of your consciousness that are dictating your actions every day

Embrace the full range of human emotions with ease and listen to the unique messages they have for you on your life path

Align your beliefs and behaviors to become a lightning rod for living your values authentically so that you can direct them to attain the outcomes you desire

Transcend your previous limitations and nurture your inner knowing and divine feminine energy to fully empower you to step into your greatness and achieve success and fulfillment in every area of your life

Hi, I’m Sonja Pemberton


I'm excited to guide you on your journey to transcend limitations and experience the next level of transformation and success you deserve.

If you’re a high achiever, business professional, entrepreneur, or just a woman who needs a way to realign their lives and reconnect with their inner knowing, I can help. 

Over the last 30+ years, I have devoted my life to supporting women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of women across generations and cultures to find fulfillment and harmony in their professional and personal lives. 

I’ve been privileged to work in a broad cross-section of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, both domestic and international, including Citibank, Capital One, Sanofi, Ascension Health, and Liberty Mutual. 

For the last 13+ years, my focus has been in the field of NeuroLeadership, where I developed the NeuroConscious™ Framework that supports my highly effective self-transcendence model designed specifically for women corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. 

My signature method works because I believe that all the answers are already within. Your subconscious knows exactly what you need to heal and my role is only to serve as a guide, opening new doors and introducing you to new possibilities and perspectives. Your responsibility is to take those opportunities, make choices for yourself and take action.

Let's Take Back Your Life and Boldly Shift to What Brings You Joy

The next 4 weeks CAN be better than the last 40 years.

When I look back, I can trace the success, happiness and calm I’ve found in my life to purposeful action based on a strong mind-body connection that carried me swiftly past an infrastructure that wasn’t meant to serve me. 

This framework enabled me and my hundreds of clients to find purpose and connection in any environment and you can find this system in my on demand inner transcendence course that can help you make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

And you can get it now in Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness.

Here’s what it did for Sandi:

Sandi headshot (1).jpg
I’ve worked with several coaches over the years but my experience with Sonja was truly a transcendent experience. I  spent most days  confused and feeling like I didn’t have what it took to “make it”.  It was difficult to balance the long ever growing list of  personal and professional responsibilities.   Suffering from  profound feelings of guilt and self-doubt, I used the tools and strategies Sonja shared.  The process revealed new perspectives  and the realization  that what I desired was possible. I am empowered to  live the life I imagined  but never thought was possible.

~S. Sain

Cancel Overwhelm and Make It Your Most Blissful Year Ever

Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness will help you:

Discover the one thing you need for true calm and ease to be possible (without it, nothing will help you avoid burnout taking over your life)

Uncover the invisible patterns that keep you fighting against the current instead of living in transcendent flow

Become an expert at pulling yourself out of the sea of expectation and reigniting the unstoppable motivation you know you’re capable of

Regain your confidence in the stability of your own path forward (don’t worry I’ll show you precisely how)

Face the truth of your most significant source of wisdom and know how to immediately amplify it

Eliminate the power your most intrusive and fearful thoughts have over your mind - and replace them with curiosity, laughter, and most importantly, joy

Rhonda Thomas_edited.jpg
Working with Sonja was very transformative. I  had  so many insights and  gained so much clarity!  I was feeling lost  not knowing how best to scale my business.  Her creative process brought what was hidden to the surface and allowed me connect to my inner knowing  so that I could moved forward with confidence and conviction.

    R. Thomas

An Exciting Bonus that Will Amplify Your Results
Help You Move Forward with Aligned Intention

BONUS: 1 Month NeuroConscious Collective Access

Get a full FREE month of access to a community of driven, supportive women sharing the journey back to ourselves where there will be additional resources and 2 bi-monthly live calls to support you on your return to self.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It's Time to Reclaim Your Inner Power and Enthusiasm for Work and Life


Ignite Your
Mind-Body Consciousness

Ignite Your Inner Mind Body Consciousness (Value $1997)

Online Self Discovery & Inner Transcendence Journey

6 Video Lessons

6 Experiential Learning Journeys

2 Audio Meditation Downloads (Exclusive to this Program!)

Fillable or Printable IGNITE Journal

+ BONUS: 1 Month in the NeuroConscious Collective

One Payment


Two Payments

For many people, keeping up with the relentless pace of this world has been an uphill battle that some days, they’re not even sure they’ll make it through. It can feel like you’re always running out of time. 

For some of those same people, the only thing that keeps them going every day is a belief that they will eventually find a way to carve out time for their loved ones - and themselves.

That the great sacrifices they make every day will finally be enough to get them the life they have been striving for. 

But what if that time could be now?

Deep down, we know that the resilience that is needed to not only survive but transcend is already within us. We just need a little guidance to access it.

So you can be one of the people that just chalks up the overwork, overwhelm and the world passing you by to just “the way it is”. 

Or you can be the master of your own universe and take back your life, relationships, personal growth and your own happiness. 

Reconnect with the Divine Feminine and get the Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness program today.


How Do You Want to Look Back on Your Life?

D Barnes pic.png
Sonja is amazing! My experience was super powerful.

D. Barnes, CS Practioner



Will I receive anything in the mail?


No.  The entire Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness program is 100% digital. You will get INSTANT ACCESS and you can begin your journey within minutes of making the decision to buy.

What happens after I purchase IGNITE?

During the first step of the purchase process, you’ll create a username and password. This is how you’ll access the member’s area immediately after purchasing. That’s where you’ll find all of the video content AND your audio meditation downloads. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

How is Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness different from the MindScripts program?

While the MindScripts Journey is a perfect choice for dipping your toe into uncovering hidden thought patterns to eliminate negative self talk, Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness is the most comprehensive program I’ve ever offered. It was also specifically designed to address the exact challenges of women navigating a male-dominated world as well as retraining your brain to focus on productivity and success.

Are my credit/debit card details secure?


Yes. All payments are processed through our payment processor and are 100% secure.

Do I have to go through the entire program all at once? 


No. As it is critical for the mind to have time to metabolize each piece of the journey, you will receive new training materials each week for 4 weeks so that the mind-body connection process is achieved intuitively and with ease.

When will I receive my Fast Action Bonus?


If you purchased during a Fast Action Bonus period, you will automatically receive your bonus in the second week of the program.


How long will I have access to this program?


You will have instant access to this program through the course platform for one year from the date of purchase.

What if I have a question or need support?


Simply contact us at, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Ignite Your Mind-Body Consciousness Now

Invest in the Signature Method that will help you Transform Your Life

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Disclaimer: The stories featured on this website are true and specific feedback from actual clients. As with all successful therapeutic interactions, the individuals have cooperated fully and are ultimately responsible for their own success. Results naturally vary from client to client.

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