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Transcendent Leadership

A unique and powerful brain-based framework for sustainable individual, organizational, and societal change.

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In the current business climate, organizational leaders face complex situations requiring decisions that will impact the organizations' fiscal health and employee experience. The Transcendent Framework equips leaders to maximize their brain energy, impacting critical thinking and decision-making abilities. Using neuroscience-based tools and strategies, leaders can engage more collaboratively and inclusively in their communication and interactions.

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Get the Transcendent Leadership Overview

The Transcendent Framework equips individuals with the tools to maximize their brain energy and facilitates more collaborative and inclusive interactions and communication.

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Diva T.

"I had an amazing and eye-opening experience. Sonja's techniques led to increased  awareness and clarity."

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Sandi H.

"Working with Sonja provided so many insights for our leadership team. She uses very unique and creative techniques to bring what is often hidden to the surface."  

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