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Lose your mind and
Find your soul...


The untapped power of your Mind-body consciousness


Discover the hidden subconscious scripts that lead to self-sabotage and impact your career and business success

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I’ve worked with several coaches over the years but my experience with Sonja was truly a transcendent experience. I  spent most days  confused and feeling like I didn’t have what it took to “make it”.  It was difficult to balance the long ever growing list of  personal and professional responsibilities.   Suffering from  profound feelings of guilt and self-doubt, I used the tools and strategies Sonja shared.  The process revealed new perspectives  and the realization  that what I desired was possible. I am empowered to  live the life I imagined  but never thought was possible.

~S. Sain

The Struggle is Real

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs who expressed feeling stressed and anxious as they struggled with the daily demands that left them longing for the harmony they desperately needed and the fulfillment they always felt was just out of reach, no matter how many degrees they stacked up or hours they put in.

Women who felt they were on the perpetual hamster wheel and unable to escape feeling…
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Every day new struggles but they were no closer to the freedom and fulfillment they knew was possible.

There was a common underlying phenomenon these women shared. One that felt like a heavy chain that ran through every area of their lives.

But there’s a way to begin to break free from these insidious chains even if everything around you stays exactly the same.

Flip the Script

Experience MindScripts and Mind-Body Consciousness

You need something that will leave you feeling deeply attuned to your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations and can recognize when they are aligned harmoniously with your soul. Through this immersive experience, you will unveil the untapped power of mind-body consciousness by:

​Exploring how your thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being are connected.

Allowing your inner knowing to come out and play so that you can grow your career or business with grace and ease.

​Identifying hidden subconscious patterns and challenging their validity and express your authenticity.​

Rediscovering your energy, enthusiasm, and creativity in your work and life and create a more aligned professional life

Let's Do this

Through this experience, you will discover the power of your mind-body consciousness to help you achieve your next level of transformation.

This experience will allow you to:

Understand and develop the mind-body consciousness and its role in your success

Practice self-regulation empowering you to navigate challenging situations better.

Create new scripts for lasting, positive change in any area of your life.

Cultivate a mindset of abundance, possibility, and self-belief.

I’m Sonja Pemberton

I have devoted my life to supporting women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Over the last 30+ years, I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of women across generations and cultures to find fulfillment and harmony in their professional and personal lives. 

I’ve been privileged to work in a broad cross-section of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, both domestic and international, including Citibank, Capital One, Sanofi, Ascension Health, and Liberty Mutual.

For the last 13+ years, my focus has been in the field of NeuroLeadership, where I developed the NeuroConscious™ Framework that supports my highly effective self-transcendence model designed specifically for high-achieving women. It’s exactly what I wished I had when I began my career and entrepreneurial journey 30+ years ago!


I'm excited to guide you on your journey to transcend limitations and experience the next level of transformation and success you deserve.

Unlock the secret power of your mind-body consciousness
and shape your destiny!

Ignite Your
Mind-Body Consciousness

5 Video Experiences
4 Reflective Exercises

Uncovering The Hidden World of MindScripts

The Power of Feelings On Your MindScripts Journey

Transforming Your Thoughts: The Key To Unlocking Your MindScripts

The Power Of Reflection: Examining Your MindScripts

Awareness to Action: Take Your MindScripts Journey to the Next Level

And...much, much more!

Total Value = $997


Knowing you took control of your MindScripts and became the alchemist of your life, career, and business unleashing your full potential and finally experiencing the life you've imagined... 
Or knowing you chose to continue to allow your subconscious mind to sabotage the professional and personal growth you desire to stay in your comfort zone, settling for mediocracy?

As Carl Jung said…

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life, and you will call it fate!"

Why not embrace the words of Thoreau instead...

"Walk confidently into the directions of your dreams and live the life you have imagined!"


Do You Want to Look Back on 2023...

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Working with Sonja was very transformative. I  had  so many insights and  gained so much clarity!  I was feeling lost  not knowing how best to scale my business.  Her creative process brought what was hidden to the surface and allowed me connect to my inner knowing  so that I could moved forward with confidence and conviction.

    R. Thomas

© Sonja Pemberton 2023 - All Rights Reserved 

Disclaimer: The stories featured on this website are true and specific feedback from actual clients. As with all successful therapeutic interactions, the individuals have cooperated fully and are ultimately responsible for their own success. Results naturally vary from client to client.


Will I receive anything in the mail?


No. The entire MindScript Experience is 100% digital. You will get INSTANT ACCESS and you can begin your journey within minutes of making the decision to buy.

What happens after I purchase The MindScript Experience?

After you submit you , you’ll receive an enrollment email, telling you are enrolled and asking you to "Redeem your copy of xxxxxxxxxxxxx." Use those emails to create a username & password and access the program in your internet browser. This is where you’ll find all of the video content AND xxxxxxxxxxxxx. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase.

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