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Exclusive Invitation:
Turn your Q2 Goals into Triumphs!

I can't believe the first quarter of 2024 is almost over. Several times over the last week, I was reminded that the year is flying by.

I presented at an online event last week where several women entrepreneurs expressed concern about meeting their first-quarter financial goals.

As I listened, I could hear the disappointment and frustration in their voices. What I found most surprising from those conversations was that although these women had taken the time to establish financial goals for 2024, they did not have a clear, concise roadmap for how to meet them.

There were definite gaps in their strategy.

That got me thinking about the women entrepreneurs in my various networks, like you!


  • Have you reflected on your Q1 projections?

  • Are you on pace to meet your Q1 business goals?

  • Do you have a clear, executable plan invigorating you to meet or exceed your quarterly goals?

If not, now is not just an opportunity—it's a calling for transformation to change the trajectory.

What if I told you Q2 could be the turning point you've been hoping for?

I understand the unique challenges and pressures you face as a woman entrepreneur, as I've walked more than a few miles in a woman business owner's shoes. I also know there is no one-size-fits-all plan to attain success. It must be customized to your market and how you work.

That's why I'm excited to extend an Exclusive Invitation to you!

I'm inviting you to experience Primed for $uccesss Strategy Sessions. These sessions are designed to catapult your business toward the success you've dreamed of.

The Primed for $uccess Strategy Sessions is a one-time, limited-time offer. It is a beta offering and reflects a significant discount on the transformative, innovative framework I've leveraged for years, elevating corporate executives to peak levels of success.


This is the first time I'm offering these sessions

to anyone who is not a corporate client.    

  Who am I?

I have devoted my life to supporting women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Over the last 30+ years, I’ve mentored and coached hundreds of women across generations and cultures to find fulfillment and harmony in their professional and personal lives. I’ve been privileged to work in a broad cross-section of industries, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, both domestic and international, including Citibank, Capital One, Sanofi, Ascension Health, and Liberty Mutual.

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For the last 13+ years, my focus has been in the field of Neuroleadership, where I developed the NeuroConscious™ Framework that supports my highly effective process designed specifically for high-achieving women. It’s exactly what I wished I had when I began my career and entrepreneurial journey 30+ years ago!

If you want more in 2024 and are committed and ready to make this a landmark year, this is for you!


Here's what you'll experience:​


1. Personalized Insight: Through an initial assessment, we delve into the heart of your business, understanding its pulse and potential.


2. Strategic Consultations: Two sessions: (1) 30 minutes and (1) 60 minutes, both dedicated to refining your goals and crafting the path forward.


3. Customized $uccess Plan: Imagine having a roadmap that outlines your next steps and ensures a balanced, sustainable, and holistic plan to move you toward your desired success.

If you're ready to step into the success story you've always meant to write, I've opened a limited number of spots on my calendar over the next few weeks to help you kick off Q2 with a customized success plan!

This offer ends once all spots are filled or on Sunday, March 10th, at 11:59 PM EDT



The investment is $300!

($1500 Value)

Click the button below and secure your sessions NOW!

I look forward to working with you...

Here's to your 2024 $uccess!


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