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We are WHAT we think...Not What we THINK we are!


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Tricia B.

"Sonja Pemberton is an amazing speaker and thought-leader. She's a joy to work with and a terrific collaborator. Her idea about introducing a concept around "othering" to create a new way of talking about inclusion and belonging is really powerful. By dispelling the myth of the other, we step into an empowering space of closing an old door on beliefs and paradigms that no longer serve us and opening a new door filled with possibilities for human connections."

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Samir S.

"Sonja delivered her talk about Othering in New York City at an event held on the roof of a building overlooking Wall Street. She exceeded our expectations, taking us on an exhilarating journey through our experiences, assumptions, and behaviors. We came on the other side wiser, humbler, and stronger for being with her.  Can't wait to hear Sonja again!"

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Darla L.

"Sonja is a powerful presence in front of the room and has a way of sharing her topic such that people get it, instantly. There is not a lot of fluff in Sonja's presentation style, but loads of impact. She is fun, playful, truthful, and serious all at the same time. My audience fell in love with her, yours will too!"

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