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Dispelling the Myth of the Other


Othering refers to the deliberate or inadvertent focus on diverse human distinctions, reinforcing exclusionary practices and behaviors. It occurs when there's an assumption that an individual, circumstance, or environment poses a threat.


It represents a pervasive inclination and an omnipresent reality affecting various facets of our lives. Othering profoundly impacts each individual, influencing the operational dynamics of societal systems established for our well-being and security.

Neuroscientists suggest that our unconscious brain determines  95% of our behaviors and decisions. When unconscious or conscious assumptions influence personal or professional decisions, coupled with any influence or power one may have over others, they can have unintended consequences.

When equipped with the knowledge and tools to manage our most valuable human resource, our brain, every aspect of our society is impacted: our workplaces, governments, and communities. 

Image by Brittani Burns

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